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Clip on OSE-17 – HAWK homepage

Videos: Occupational Science Conference at HAWK – Occupational Science Conference: For the very first time experts met in Germany

Letter of OSE-Board to the organizing committee of OSE-17

On behalf of the Executive Board of Occupational Science Europe I would like to thank the Organising Committee, university students and staff for hosting and supporting an excellent conference ….

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HAWK homepage (German only)

Betätigungswissenschaften bereichern – Erste Occupational Science-Konferenz auf europäischem Festland an der HAWK in Hildesheim

ErgoScience (German only)

4. Internationale Tagung der Occupational Science Europe (OSE) „Meeting in Diversity – Occupation as a Common Ground“ – 07. bis 09. September 2017 an der an der Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst (HAWK) in Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen

Source: ergoscience 2017, 12(4)

Ergopraxis (German only)

Betätigung im Zentrum unserer Profession – 4th Conference of Occupational Science Europe

Source: ergopraxis 11-12/ 17

Ergotherapie und Rehabilitation (German only)

Voller Erfolg: Erste Occupational Science – Tagung im deutschsprachigen Raum

Source: Et Reha 56. Jg., 2017, Nr. 10, Hrsg. DVE