NEMKLIM: Nemoral Forests under Climate Extremes

project duration: 2017-12-31 – 2020-12-31

Issue at stake:
Ecosystem adaptations and land use consequences, in particular for the energy wood potentials along climatic gradients in Romania and Germany.

In focus:
Temperate Deciduous Forests in Europe under Climate Change – and the main question: what can we learn from Romanian beech and oak forests for the future of German forests?

The nemoral (temperate) deciduous forests cover large parts of Central Europe and have important functions for landscape ecology (climate, water, soil, carbon storage) and nature conservation (biodiversity). They supply us with timber, a highly versatile raw material that can be used for anything from building to energy production. Moreover, these forests provide many more goods such as mushrooms, truffels and game meat and are the perfect place to relax, to enjoy nature and to practice recreational activities. Continue reading