Probing for the systematic use of waste heat potentials in Vienna

In this project possibilities have been analyzed to make the energy supply system of Vienna more efficient and climate-friendly by utilizing waste heat from industrial and commercial sources. Waste heat potentials have been identified, characterized and evaluated in terms of their possibilities of feeding waste heat into the municipal district heating network and the ability to use waste heat locally through the establishment of local heating networks. Based on the results, economically and ecologically meaningful test cases have been identified and an overall concept for using waste heat of a data center in Floridsdorf has been developed as implementation example.


The results contain a (not publicly available) compilation of the relevant companies in Vienna with employee-numbers and production/service sector-information that are appropriate as waste
heat sources, a representation of the sector-specific energy quantities as well as of the temperature levels, further maps of the waste heat potentials via the spatial allocation of the companies by their addresses and the residential heating demand potential in their surroundings, as well as a detailed technical, economic and ecological evaluation of a possible project.