Ways to Study at the HAWK


The HAWK offers several ways of integrating asylum seekers and refugees into the university:

Guest auditors:

Interested persons may attend a number of courses as guest auditors, even without proof of a university entrance qualification. Interested persons should apply by the beginning of a semester. The instructor of the selected course first has to approve the request. Please contact us  if you are interested in auditing a course, so we can help you find suitable courses and complete formalities.

Language and tandem courses:

The HAWK offers a limited number of German courses for international students. As space allows, refugees can join these courses by the beginning of each semester if they are enrolled as guest students.

In addition, there are language and culture tandem courses also starting with each semester. The tandem course “Lernen im Tandem” (Study in tandem) is addressed particularly to asylum seekers and refugees who would like to continue their studies in Germany after having completed the language requirements. The tandem courses are also offered to guest students.

Regular studies:

To enroll as a regular student at the HAWK, a number of requirements have to be fulfilled. First, you need to have proof of a university entrance qualification. International certificates have to be assessed by the International Office. In case of insufficient or lost certificates, a testing procedure at a “Preparatory College” is possible after registration at the International Office. In addition, a German language certificate is required for regular enrollment (proving level B2 or C1, depending on the subject). In some subjects, e.g. in the artistic field, special requirements are needed. If you are interested in studying at the HAWK, please contact us in time, so that you can arrange for the necessary documents in time and avoid long waiting periods.

The website of the International Office offers detailed information on the enrollment process.

Here you can find an overview of courses offered at the HAWK.


HAWK open intends to connect interested persons enrolled at the HAWK as guests or regular students with experienced students who can help you get acquainted with the HAWK facilities and study routine.

Preparatory offers:

HAWK open is planning to offer preparatory courses for studying in Germany, tentatively starting in spring 2016.


For all refugees interested in studying at the HAWK, the project HAWK open offers individual counseling. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Video on the HAWK open information event in February 2016: